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Wine is an integral part of many cultures and has been around for thousands of years. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in organic wine. Before you order wine online, let’s learn what exactly is organic wine. 

If you are looking for a wine that is made with sustainable practices and has a unique flavor, then organic wine is the way to go! Organic California wines are often described as being more “earthy” or “natural” tasting by experts of wine store California. If you are interested in learning more about organic or natural wine and ordering wine online, then read on!

How Is Organic Wine Better?

Organic vineyard or farming is a series of processes that reject synthetic fertilizers and prohibited substances looking after both the environment and the entire ecosystem, as well as our health. Its reliance on natural and physical elements instead of artificial ones, like pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides, necessitates a higher level of biodiversity than traditional winemaking.

In order for a clean wine to be certified organic wine, the vineyard must be inspected by a government-approved certifying agent to ensure that organic farming practices are being used. At this point, organic wine production truly deserves our admiration. They choose to adhere to stringent regulations even though they do not have to. In contrast, natural wine or orange wine refers to a style of production that seeks to use only naturally derived products and wild yeasts, without additive sulfite (sulfur dioxide) and without filtering and clarifying.

Actually, some wines may be called organic wine, even though they are produced only from organic grapes, not because the end product is organic or sustainable wine. After harvesting, many additives, mainly such as sulfur, could be used in these wines. Whether these wines are organic remains controversial; many passionate organic winemakers do not give up the use of sulfur because for example, they want their wines to last longer at the shelves of the wine store, and as of yet, there is no organic alternative that can replace it.

Regulations and limits concerning organic wine can differ significantly across countries. The EU allows a limited quantity of added sulfites for organic certification, while in the US, this isn't allowed, so instead of labeling their wines "organic," they must simply write "wine made from organic grapes." But there's a need to keep in mind that organic regulations could be very strict and makes production very difficult in some countries. In many regions, you may find higher-quality organic wines that don't have organic labels than you would with wines labeled organic.

It is important to bear in mind that wines, both those made from organic grapes and organic wines, are not typically vegan wines, just like conventional wine. Regulations governing organic wine production often overlook fining agents, of which many are animal-based, such as egg whites or casein.

The demand for organic California wines with reduced toxicity and that promote the planet's sustainability remains high according to wine store sales; however, the production of organic wines is becoming increasingly difficult. Vines are quite delicate and can be heavily impacted by the effects of climate change. Extreme weather events, which are occurring more frequently than ever, are placing winemakers in a precarious situation in which they may lose all their vines. In areas with excessive weather patterns, the cultivation of grapes and the winemaking process following an organic approach may be particularly challenging

For example, extra precautions must be taken for rot and mildew in areas with high precipitation, which is not easy to do in an organic way. Additionally, when major diseases occur in the vineyard, they cannot be easily overcome or remedied with organic compounds. I

On the other hand, biodynamic wine and farming is an advanced form of organic farming that considers the movements and positions of the moon and other planets. Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, coined the term "spiritual science" to describe this ethical and comprehensive approach.

Biodynamic farming asserts that the movements of the cosmos have an impact on growth, hence astrological calendars that reveal planting, cultivating, and harvesting time rely on the moon's sidereal cycle. This approach is in use by over 50 countries, who believe their patience is rewarded.

Where To Buy Organic Wine?

Aside from hazards and big losses in the vineyard, organic cultivation necessitates a significant amount of labor. Because of the difficulty of using organic products and the requirement for meticulous attention to detail, prevention takes precedence over cure. It is likely that this is the primary reason why only 2% of all French vineyards are organic, organic wines have the same issue as well. This explains why organic wines may be slightly more expensive. 

Due to high demand, you can find organic wine in a wine store. But when it comes to biodynamic, you should decide to buy wine online for more choices. 

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