Transpalette manuel 2.5t : General Description: Optimize the handling of your heavy loads with our high quality manual pallet truck. Designed to offer robustness, reliability and efficiency, this pallet truck is the essential tool for all your needs in warehouses, workshops, or on any production site. Its impressive load capacity of 2.5 tonnes, combined with a bright red color for maximum visibility, makes it the ideal choice for handling your goods safely and efficiently.

Technical characteristics :
1 : Load Capacity: 2.5 tons (2500 kg)
2 : Color: Bright red
3: Material: High strength steel
4 :Type of Wheels: Double polyurethane wheels (much stronger than nylon wheels) for easy maneuverability and increased durability
4 : Fork Length: 1150 mm
5 : Lift Height: 30 cm
6 : Fork width : 540 mm
7 : fork height : 80 – 190
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