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What’s So Funny About Autism? (Health) 6/17 11:00P Michele C. Hollow
Some people on the autism spectrum not only get the jokes, they write them.

I Went for a Run. Then My Heart Stopped. (Health) 6/17 9:36P Todd Wasserman
This past New Year’s Eve, I expressed thanks for getting through another year. Two days later, I was nearly dead.

Vaccine Injury Claims Are Few and Far Between (Health) 6/17 8:30P Pam Belluck and Reed Abelson
Data from a federal program designed to compensate people harmed by vaccines shows how rare it is for someone to claim they were hurt after getting vaccinated.

By the Numbers: Vaccines Are Safe (Health) 6/17 8:30P Reed Abelson and Pam Belluck
Americans have received billions of doses of vaccines for everything from measles to the flu. In 30 years, very few injury claims have been filed with the federal government.

Should I Call My Father? (Health) 6/17 9:19A Nana Asfour
The hardest part of having a parent with Alzheimer’s is not knowing if you’re only causing him pain.
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