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Filipino-Style Chicken Adobo

Serious Eats (Recipes) 11/11 2:57A Sho Spaeth
Chicken adobo is a classic Filipino dish that's as savory as it is bright with acid, and it goes perfectly with a large platter of garlic fried rice. Get Recipe!

Garlic Fried Rice

Serious Eats (Recipes) 11/11 2:55A Sho Spaeth
Garlic fried rice is a perfect accompaniment to chicken adobo, or any other super-savory, super-saucy food. Get Recipe!

Deep-Fried Potato Skins With Pulled Pork and Cheddar

Serious Eats (Recipes) 11/6 2:58A Daniel Gritzer
French-fried potato skin cups are filled with smoky and sweet pulled pork, and finished off with a topping of melted cheddar cheese for a baller game-day snack. Get Recipe!

Deep-Fried Potato Skins With Crème Fraîche and Smoked Salmon

Serious Eats (Recipes) 11/6 2:56A Daniel Gritzer
These hot and crisp potato cups, filled with cool, tangy crème fraîche or sour cream and topped with smoked salmon, are like slightly upscale potato skins perfect for semi-fancy entertaining. Get...

Crispy Deep-Fried Potato-Skin Cups

Serious Eats (Recipes) 11/6 2:55A Daniel Gritzer
With a light, crunchy shell thanks to a coating of fried potato starch, these deep-fried potato-skin cups make the perfect scoops for your favorite dips and spreads. Get Recipe!

The Best Apple Cider Donuts

Serious Eats (Recipes) 10/28 11:28P Stella Parks
This gently spiced, yeast raised dough is made with apple cider, an ingredient that plays a bigger role in texture than flavor. Here, the bright apple flavor of the doughnut comes from freeze-dried...

Kaju Katli

Serious Eats (Recipes) 10/23 1:57A Chetna Makan
These nutty Indian treats are made from a cashew-candy dough that's rolled thin, then cut into large diamond shapes. Get Recipe!

Shankarpali (Shakarpara)

Serious Eats (Recipes) 10/23 1:56A Chetna Makan
Shankarpali , also called shakarpara , are small deep-fried pastries spiced with cardamom best enjoyed by the fistful during Diwali. Get Recipe!

Savory Chiroti

Serious Eats (Recipes) 10/23 1:55A Chetna Makan
A savory version of chiroti , the traditionally sweet deep-fried snack that's eaten during the Diwali holiday. Get Recipe!

Apple Cinnamon Sugar

Serious Eats (Recipes) 10/22 8:43P Stella Parks
A sweet-tart sugar with notes of caramel apple, perfect for dredging warm doughnuts, sprinkling over buttered toast, or garnishing scraps of pie dough. Get Recipe!

Khao Piak Sen (Lao Chicken-Noodle Soup)

Serious Eats (Recipes) 10/20 11:28P Jenny Dorsey
Handmade noodles, a rich and aromatic broth, and loads of flavorful toppings combine for a spectacular bowl of Lao chicken-noodle soup. Get Recipe!

Overnight Chocolate-Hazelnut Breakfast Buns

Serious Eats (Recipes) 10/17 1:58A Stella Parks
If you've tried our overnight cinnamon rolls , the dough for these breakfast buns will be familiar. But the experience itself will be all new, thanks to a filling of homemade Nutella , made from dark...
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