Too Traumatic? School Lockdown Drills Would Be Reduced Under NY Bill

The Eastchester Daily Voice 5/17 4:30A Michael Mashburn
Some New York state lawmakers want to reduce the number of school lockdown drills that are held each year over concerns they could be harmful to students’ mental health. A bill sponsored by Democratic Sen. Andrew Gounardes and Assemblymember Jo...

NY Resident Loses $341K In 'Pig Butchering' Scheme: Here's What It Is

The Eastchester Daily Voice 5/17 2:00A Joe Lombardi
The US Secret Service has seized a web domain used in a cryptocurrency confidence crime scheme known as “pig butchering” after a New York resident was swindled out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to federal authorities, scammers in...

Suddenly Spring: First Prolonged Stretch Of Seasonable Conditions Starts

The Eastchester Daily Voice 5/17 1:25A Joe Lombardi
Spring started just over seven weeks ago, but apparently, Mother Nature never got the memo. Temperatures since then have been more like fall. Now, with the first day of summer a little more than a month away, temperatures will finally be...

Westchester's Martha Stewart Reportedly Buys $12M Condo: Here's Where

The Eastchester Daily Voice 5/16 4:30A Ben Crnic
Beloved Northern Westchester resident and iconic homemaker Martha Stewart has purchased a multi-million dollar residence inside a building that plays a key role in a popular television series, according to a brand-new report. Stewart has landed on...

McDonald's To Launch Value Meal Deal: Here's When It Starts

The Eastchester Daily Voice 5/16 2:00A Joe Lombardi
McDonald's plans to offer a $5 value meal to lure back dollar-conscious customers. The one-month promotion starts on Tuesday, June 25, according to CNBC, which first reported the news. It will include a McChicken or McDouble sandwich, four-piece...

Road Reopens After Large Oil Spill On Stretch Of Busy Hudson Valley Route

The Eastchester Daily Voice 5/15 9:30A Ben Crnic
This story has been updated. A stretch of a busy Hudson Valley road was temporarily closed to traffic following a crash that resulted in a large oil spill, police said. The incident happened in Putnam County on Wednesday, May 15, when a crash...

Scenes For Apple TV Series Filmed At Gym In Westchester

The Eastchester Daily Voice 5/15 7:45A Ben Crnic
A busy gym in Westchester served as the site of a film shoot for an upcoming television series with a star-studded cast.  Scenes for the Apple+ series "Swipe" were filmed at AltaFit in New Rochelle at 5 Plain Ave. on Monday, May 13, according to...
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